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Spots 'N Stripes Zintawa

(above, 5 months old, below, 11 months old)

June 10/07 - News Flash! Zinty was shown this date at the Santana Riders Show Circuit in the Color class - he placed first of 12 horses under two different judges - unanimous decision! Here he is after his class - by the way...every stripe on Zinty's chest meets is very rareto get that kind of perfection in the striping!

May20/07 - Zinty was shown this date at the Santana Riders Show Circuit in the Color class - he placed first of 11 horses!

See Zintawa's preparations for his winning horse shows!

Sadly, Zinty injured himself one day in a freak accident whenhe was playing in his stall, jumping up and down when he heard the feed cart coming. He jumped up in the air with his front feet sidewaysin one direction and his hind feet sideways to the other. When he touched down, his hind feet were not straight, and his weight camedown unbalanced. He broke his pelvis. That was in 2007. Zinty decided that he didn't want to leave us, giving every indication thathe wanted to try to recover. We honored his wishes. He was on a year's stall rest. Then, when we had the go ahead to start physicaltherapy, after the bone healed, we began many therapies including the MRS2000 which is magnetic resonance stimulation, we didacupuncture, acupressure, reiki, sacral cranial work, massage, and PT. We are happy to announce that Zinty, although never to bea show animal again, is happy, healthy, and loves life. He has the run of the ranch, thinks he owns it, and in his own giddyup gait evengallops around the ranch. He has the most amazing sense of humor, playing practical jokes on us all the time. He babysits the younganimals, and when we wean a youngster Zinty is right there to take over from mom and make sure the baby doesn't get into any trouble, nomatter what specie it is. He even took a calf under his wing and wanted it in his stall with him at night. He wouldn't settle down or eathis dinner until he knew it was safe in with him. We will soon have a video of Zinty at the ranch. What a sad day it would have beenif we had done what was recommended to us, to put him down. It is important to listen to our animals. They know if they can make it, orat least can tell us if they want to give it a good shot. Zinty is a great example of determination and try, and in the end, he doesn't feel the least bit handicapped. He feels important and very special, as you will see.

May 12, 13, 14, 2012 - 3 day training clinic in Ramona, CA.   

Nancy Nunke - 'The Zebra Whisperer' - Equine trainers and owners attend Nancy's 'Nature's Way' Equine Training Clinics from all over the world, all of whomtake home a clear understanding of the equine mind, along with the behavioral and vocal communication skills to take their relationships with all equines further than they have ever been before.Nancy clearly teaches us to train our zebras, zorses, zonkeys,horses, mules or donkeys - Nature's Way - speaking the language the animals speak. We learn to train our equines just like they train one another. The differences and similarities among the different speciesof equine are clearly demonstrated.

If you cancommunicate with and train a zebra, you can train ANY equine! Attentionequine trainers and owners alike! Under Nancy's tutelage you could increase your horsetraining talents a hundredfold! Email us to be put on the 'Announcement List' for thenext available training clinic! 


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